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Re: Navigation bar using Custom Site Header

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It can be done, I use a custom header with a logo and a phplayers menu. Make sure the PHPLayers feature is turned on (which I think it is by default).

~60~DIV class="custom_hdr">
  ~60~A href="http://www.mywebsite.com">~60~IMG src="img/wiki_up/logo.gif" class="custom_hdr_img" alt="My Logo" title="Welcome to my website">~60~/A>
{if $user neq ''}
  ~60~DIV style="margin-left: 200px">
    {phplayers id=45 type=horiz}

The margin-left: 200px is there simply because my menu appears to the right of my logo which is approximately 200 pixels wide. The if $user neq is optional. That simply means that the menu will only display if a username is set i.e. the person is logged in, so anonymous users don't get to see the menu. Finally, I created a custom CSS class custom_hdr, so that I could control more precisely aspects of the custom header, but again I don't think this is necessary. That custom CSS class sits in the CSS file for the theme I'm using.