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MultiTiki - is it hard to do?

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I have 100+ Drupal web sites that I must abandon - Drupal has a catastrophic error when web sites get too big.

It takes about 30 seconds and is painless to set up a brand new Drupal site; they can share the same mySQL or have their own. You have just ONE copy of Drupal for as many web sites as you want. That part is foolproof.

I left TikiWiki since I never understood MultiTiki and it looks hard to do on my Site5 hosting site.

So the question is - Joomla or TikiWiki. I like TikiWiki but still don't understand setting up more sites from one TikiWiki site. I've read the documentation and I'm still confused.

I'd appreciate any help.

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I'm not sure what you mean by MultiTiki, but if what you want is several tikiwiki sites using one only database I think you should take a look at Intertiki feature.

I am needing right now to share only users between several tikiwiki sites and I think Intertiki could be the solution, but I'm not sure I must use it because currently is under experimental stage, it is categorized under Features->Experimental.

I've already asked this forum for someone to tell me how stable and trustable is that feature, but I obtained zero answers until now.

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Shouldn´t be a mess I guess - at least from 3.x

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Drupal was conceived, from day one, as a core use of ONE set of php modules with data in mySQL being the actual web sites.

Thus it is easy to add an infinite number of web sites to the core and changing the php modules instantly changes all the web sites.

Apparently all the other CMS out there approached their CMS with the idea that all web sites have their own copies of the CMS code. That's ok for one web site but a nightmare for me since I plan to have 300 web sites.

So whatever TikiWiki calls the ability to have ONE set of php code and hundreds of web sites using it and not interacting with each other is what I'm after.

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