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Architecture / Installation

Database seems to have reset itself. What should I be watching out for?

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Hi all,

Hadn't heard of TikiWiki until 2 days ago when I first noticed in in cpanel's Fantastico list of supported 1-click-installs. I'd been looking for a flexible enough system for internal code documentation/project tracking/bug filing etc. and this looked just right. So far I'm very impressed.

However I've just woken up after getting everything in a highly customised degree of order last night, only to find that only the filesystem has changed since the raw install. All the users, pages, modules, custom pieces of code, etc have all dissappeared. I noticed this when I failed to login using my author's account, failed, and also failed to login using the admin account until I reverted back to the default password.

Does anybody know what would be likely to reset the database after a certain time-period?


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Hi Barney,

The only thing to reset the database is if you run tiki-install.php and click on "reset database".

Maybe your host had a hardware failure and restored from backups?

M ;-)