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Re: Validation email cannot be sent, but forgotten password can

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First off, I was able to confirm that email validation works because another I have running Tiki, successfully sent the validation email and the whole processed worked like a charm.

I've been playing with this some more on the site that is giving me trouble and it seems that all email features are working except registration validation email.

I have received emails for:

  • Lost Password
  • Private Message above specified priority
  • New Forum posting
  • Wiki page changed watch

So does anyone know why the validation email doesn't work for this particular site?

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The validation email is not being sent. Users are able to send email to each other using "Messages". When I use the "Admin Users" to "Send an email to the user in order to allow him to validate his account" it does not go out. New users who are validated by the admin do not receive their confirmation emails from the system.

TikiWiki 3.3 on MySQL 5.0