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Module in wiki page full width

I want to display a slippy map on a wiki page. Ive been on chatroom and have got as far as making a custom module which works. I can get it to appear on a wiki page by using MODULE plugin, however this gives me a tall thin (useless) map. I need it to go full-width. I was advised to use width=100% but whatever permutation i use it doesnt work. Can someone please advise me exactly what to type in. I have no clue when it comes to code and the searching has been fruitless.
OK - this forum post gave a clue. I'm using a custom .css file based on bluewhitegray.css - darkroom.css allows the box to go full width. Does anyone know how to hack the .css file to get it to do this?

Hacked the "Boxes" section so width: 170px now reads width: 100%. It works for the map but the menus have got smaller. I'd like to find a better way of doing this.

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MarkF, read the Documentation pages about .css (theme styles, etc.).
And I suggest you to use the web developer toolbar for firefox.

P.S. Keep in mind that not all the legacy themes are supported right now in newer versions of Tiki. You might be interested in reading about tiki3 and the theme styles changes.

Thanks HTH idea

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