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Features / Usability

Display of Wiki Pages as a tree structure

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Is there a menu item or module that will display the pages for a Wiki as a tree structure ??
There is 'List Pages' but it does not show the hierachical order.

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When you open the modules admin section, you can create a new user module at the bottom.
On the right hand side, you will have "Objects that can be included".

Just select the structure and click on the green plus button.

This will put the entire structure in a module.

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When you say - "Just select the structure and click on the green plus button." - I only have menus to select from.??

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Pardon my lack of knownledge....new user.

I followed the instructions to the letter on the demo video (http://twbasics.keycontent.org/movies/structures_2.htm)
but when I selected 'Create Structure' I got an error.
It had something about Structure_id not defined. (I did fill in that field).
A page was created with nothing in it. I am using the default admin login so I assume I have all required permissions.
Any help appreciated.

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Version 2.4

Error message below:-

An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-admin_structures.php
Url tiki-admin_structures.php
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`) values(?,?,?,?)
0 0
1 36
2 test1
3 1
Field 'structure_id' doesn't have a default value
Built query was probably:
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`) values('0','36','test1','1')