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Library needs to change URLS within TikiWiki

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I use to work for a library and assisted them in getting TikiWiki CMS up to manage their web content (TikiWiki has come a long way, and the new TikiWiki seems to have alot of great features).

When I originally put it together, the domain and webserver was named web1.co.douglas.or.us.....shortly after it had a domain called dclibrary.us which we worked into by making an Apache alias...but....

Notice if you visit the website at dclibrary.us, it works of course.

But if you navigate around some, the menu structure is all built on the following domain scheme....

The library wants all links to work from the dclibrary.us domain scheme.....

Any opinions on the best way to make this happen? We could probably manually change all the links? Do you see any angle where we might be able to do a find and replace within the mysql database?

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Looks like hard-coded links, no?

M ;-)

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Not sure exactly what you mean.....

Yes, when we put together the menu system, we typed in the web1.co.douglas.or.us addresses.....

I believe these are stored somewhere in the mysql database though....can anyone give me some direction where, and do you think I might just be able to do a find and replace to change http://web1.co.douglas.or.us/tiki to dclibrary.us....

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Good to see your library Tiki is still going strong.

You can use phpMyAdmin to edit the database and change the urls in the menus. The links are in the tiki_menu_options table. Click that table name in the left frame to get to the table info. Then click 'browse' and when it refreshes, click the 'export' link at the page bottom (this doesn't remove the table, it just exports a copy). When the export page comes up, click the "add drop table" box (in order to replace the old info) and 'go'. Then you'll get the table's structure and data in an sql statement. You can edit this in a text editor, doing a find-and-replace for the domains.

Then in phpMyAdmin again, click the name of the database (to have a breadcrumbs at the top of the main frame like ' Server: localhost > Database: tiki' and then the 'SQL' tab. You'll get a textarea to paste the edited table_menu_options into. Paste it in a click 'go', and all the menu options will be updated.

-- Gary