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Images don't show up when viewing as anonymous

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Hello everyone.

I think the title says it all. On my wiki pages I have inserted the appropriate code to display photos from image galleries. I can view them fine when I'm logged in as administrator, but they either don't show up at all or only a couple display when viewing as anonymous. I realize I must've made a mistake with permissions somewhere, but where?

Help please.

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You need to give permissions to people on that image gallery, or image galleries in general.

M ;-)

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I tried that and whatever I did, didn't work. I realize it's the permissions, but which permissions? And where do I change them?

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Since my last post, here's what I've done:

Gone to a tiki installation where I have not done anything with the default permissions. I created a new image gallery and uploaded four images to it. I then placed the images in an article page just the way I wanted them. They displayed just fine for the Administrator. I have all these windows open as tabs in Firefox, so in order to view the page as "anonymous" I used Camino. I go to the page, using Camino, no images at all.

I'm currently looking at the documentation, hoping I'll find something there.

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I think if you set (for the anonymous group, on tiki-assignpermission.php?group=Anonymous) tiki_p_view_image_gallery (really necessary) and tiki_p_list_image_galleries (necessary to see image gallery listings) for the image galleries, and tiki_p_view_file_gallery and tiki_p_list_file_galleries for the file galleries (if images are stored there), and don't assign any other image-related permissions, then anonymous visitors should be able to see your images in wiki pages.

If you assigned a category to your galleries, and didn't give anonymous group tiki_p_view_categorized, then this will block them from seeing them, though.

-- Gary

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Thanks for the suggestions Gary. I tried them on the main site I'm working on right now and another that I haven't really done anything with yet. Results for both sites was negative.

Here are the current permissions for the anonymous group on the main site:

tiki_p_forums_report Delete
tiki_p_forum_read Delete
tiki_p_list_file_galleries Delete
tiki_p_list_image_galleries Delete
tiki_p_read_article Delete
tiki_p_read_blog Delete
tiki_p_read_comments Delete
tiki_p_search Delete
tiki_p_tell_a_friend Delete
tiki_p_topic_read Delete
tiki_p_view Delete
tiki_p_view_categories Delete
tiki_p_view_categorized Delete
tiki_p_view_directory Delete
tiki_p_view_faqs Delete
tiki_p_view_file_gallery Delete
tiki_p_view_freetags Delete
tiki_p_view_image_gallery Delete
tiki_p_view_poll_results Delete
tiki_p_vote_poll Delete
tiki_p_wiki_view_comments Delete

I'm still looking in the documentation. There are no permissions set for the individual galleries, which would override global permissions. The whole thing is very puzzling.

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I've looked in the documentation and did what was suggested: nothing. I even uploaded images into a file gallery, but couldn't then find the link information for the images. I went to TikiWiki for Smarties, reviewed the information for anonymous group permissions, and image galleries: nothing. The next thing I'm going to try is to upload images directly into the page instead of linking to them from one of the file galleries. This is getting frustrating.

Does anyone here have a Tiki site that they link images from an image gallery to a wiki page? Do the images show up for anonymous users?


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After reading this:
I adjusted the permissions on the appropriate categories, wiki pages and image galleries. Still nothing.

I logged in as a user belonging to a moderator group. The images didn't show. I tried a user I had already created with admin permissions. Nothing. So, I created a new user and gave him admin permissions. The images in the wiki pages are visible with this user (as well as with the admin).

I've compared the anonymous permissions and the admin permissions and nothing really stood out to me. Since the permissions are inherited, I guess I'll have to compare them all and hope something stands out.

This could almost be a reality show.

Stay Tuned.


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I assigned all the image gallery permissions to the anonymous group. Still nothing.

That new admin user I made that could see the images, that was in Firefox or Camino. I tried him in Safari. Nothing.


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Since I know everyone is anxious to know what's going on, I'll relieve your anticipation. Since my last post I looked around the Administrator panel, hoping to find some checkbox that shouldn't be checked or - something. I didn't.

For some reason I went back to my "Welcome" page and clicked to edit it. In another tab I opened up the galleries and copied one of the lines to display it in a wiki page. I pasted it in the wiki page, saved it and pointed a different browser to it (one that was viewing the page as anonymous).

What do you guess? The image showed up. I was surprised, pleasantly so. I don't know for sure why. If you look at my previous posts you can see what I've tried. There is a table at the top of most every page that just wasn't showing up.

This is the bad code:

~np~|| {img src="show_image.php?id=51 height=" height="108" width="162" 106\" width="159"}|{img src="show_image.php?id=40 height=" height="108" width="162" 106\" width="159"}|{img src="show_image.php?id=74 height=" height="108" width="162" 106\" width="159"}|{img src="show_image.php?id=103 height=" height="108" width="162" 106\" width="159"}||

Here is the good code:

~np~||{img src="show_image.php?id=51" height="108" width="162"}|{img src="show_image.php?id=40" height="108" width="162"}| {img src="show_image.php?id=74" height="108" width="162"}|{img src="show_image.php?id=103" height="108" width="162"}||

I must have hit upon something, I just don't know what it was. In the bad code I notice alot of unnecessary stuff in it, compared to the good code. This alone couldn't keep the pictures from showing up, could it?

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I'm experiencing the very same problem. Like you I've checked about every parameter I can find - to no avail. I did find a work-around solution. The first two code samples below will display in admin but not Anonymous. Notice the second sample is identical to your solution above - but doesn't work for me. The third sample does show ok to Anonymous but makes it difficult for an Editor to upload an image unless they have ftp access. Or I do it for them which defeats one of the better features of a wiki.



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Just one detail as I try to reproduce this error, is this problem happening when the editor is WYSIWYG, or the normal wiki editor?

-- Gary

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For me it was happening in the normal wiki editor.

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I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting the conclusion to my little drama. wink

This morning, I discovered the problem (at least in my case). I had category permissions that were overriding my global permissions.

Now it seems very simple.

If images aren't showing up on your site for anonymous users, make sure you don't have category permissions set that trump your global permissions.


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I've now spent more time than I had on this problem.

Anonymous users are allowed to view file galleries, where images are stored.

The wiki page isn't categorized, so theoretically it should be under global permissions.

I'm tearing my hair out, almost literally.

Thanks for keeping everyone up to date as you went through this. I shall continue my search for the problem.

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THis is an old topic, but this exact thing happened to me tonight. I beat my head against the wall on this one, I could have sworn all my perms were set up correctly etc. Nothing, finally I assigned all perms to anonymous, and saved. I logged out, all the images and files were now visible by anonymous, I then logged backed in, took away all the perms from anonymous, and re-assigned the perms as typical for anonymous. and it all worked fine. Go figure, just one of those things.

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I was looking for an answer to this issue as well and tried different permission, what I found that worked was to assign permission to either (tiki_p_download_files) or (tiki_p_admin_file_galleries). The first one seems more sutiable, otherwise permission is also given to change in the file gallary.

Dont know if this leads to something else that's not wanted for me.

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Yes, tiki_p_download_files should be assigned to anonymous. Definitely not tiki_p_admin_file_galleries, which as you say would allow anonymous users to delete whole galleries and make other drastic changes. :-)

-- Gary

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