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Tracker Checkbox Field Samerow

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I cant seem to get the Tracker Checkbox samerow option to work. Does this work for anyone else, and if so, can you send me a link to a working example?

What the samerow option is suppose to do I believe is to force the next field to be on the same line. I am using a wiki tracker plugin if this helps anyway.

Using a wiki tracker plugin, I want the checkbox to look something like the following (replace : with checkbox)

: Sick : Vacation : Other

but even using the samerow feature by using a 1 (as docs state), it ends up looking like this using a wiki tracker plugin....

: Sick
: Vacation
: Other

any ideas?

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hi seromine:

and why not using a radio button? (this will do the trick for you, if there is only one election among the same set of options )

for multiple checking of boxes, category field is used (even if only two columns are allowed, afaik)


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