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Publish TikiWiki Blog to External Website

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I'm wondering if there is a way to publish a TikiWiki blog to an external website / set up an external website to pull blog entries from TikiWiki.

I'm planning to create a separate public-facing website for my organisation, plus use TikiWiki as an internal wiki for collaboration between members.

I would like the ability to create blog posts within TikiWiki, and have them appear on my external website (outside of TikiWiki).

I'm a PHP programmer, so I can have a look at the code myself if need be, but I thought that I would ask here first to see if anyone else has done it, or if this feature is possible natively or through a mod.


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Okay, I realised it's actually not that hard to do. I've drafted up a PHP script that does it, and serves my purposes fine. (If anyone's interested in a copy, I'll pass it on).

My problem now is that obviously the text of the post is coded with the Wiki-Syntax used by TikiWiki, so when this is displayed outside of the TikiWiki system, it appears as __bold text__ for example, instead of the bold text. This is to be expected.

I could write a script that replaces all of the Wiki-Syntax with HTML, but I'm wondering if there's another way around it. Does anyone who has familiarity with the TikiWiki code know where I could find whatever function it is that TikiWiki itself uses to output the HTML?

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Why not use RSS?

M ;-)

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I thought about using RSS actually, but being unfamiliar with it I just wrote up a PHP script that pulls the blog posts directly from the database.

That said, I guess RSS would be easier in the long run because it would show the HTML formatted text natively...

I'll have a go :-)

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Got it working

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It was working, but its stopped now.

Despite setting the RSS cache to a non-zero value (which warns that the feed will become public), and setting the anonymous user permissions to view blog posts, I can't view the RSS feed for my blog without being logged in to my TikiWiki. It just appears blank.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Never mind, I've fixed it. Despite having my settings as described previously, I had to explicitly allow Anonymous users to view the individual Blog in question.