Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation


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i was told in the chat to post in the forum. i have contacted a bunch of consultants and some were busy or did not respond. move if in the wrong area.

i have cpanel, tiki 3.1 and only a couple of pages. i want the tiki upgraded to 4.0 also i have a tracker that i simply want to display (be able to save/read/edit) like a wiki page. as the tracker has a bunch of data in the text areas i need to be able to read it as a wiki page. the only way i can describe it is i used to use MW and in SMW Forms you enter your data in a form and it saves it as a wiki page.

i can pay $50 for this. i am a hobo (freight train rider) and am not a company w/large resources. should be like a 3 minute job for a programmer. i would prefer an english speaking person for obvious reasons, but i don't care where you are. will pay via paypal unless you are in TN or NC and i will meet you and give you cash if desired.

i have some other tasks that i am looking to do and will give the work (if wanted) to the same person.

my email is ibrrhobo at aol dot com it's easiest to reach me there for the site stuff, discussion, etc.

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and welcome to the community :-) Count me in! Mail is on the way... ( How come you haven't contacted me ? ;) )

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got the mail, sent u UN/PW and site details. thanx for quick reply!

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I wanted to take the time to comment on luci's performance. Has to be a 4.0! Excellent response time; this especially when taking into consideration the fact that his time zone is in the Czech Republic and I am US EST! Also, there was a weird situation dealing w/the install that technically wasn't his issue. He went above and beyond and corrected it as well. Forms look and work great the the site is now Tiki 4.0

I would HIGHLY recommend this individual for future projects!smile

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Well luci, I can need some emediate help for hire 2
please contact me at kai at gilb.com

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