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only admin can see an image on a wiki page

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I have tiki 4.2. I was logged in as admin, created a how to page for my users and added an image. The only problem is that only I(admin) is able to see that image. When I log in as a registered user the image does not show up but the text does.

I know this is a permission problem but I've tried different combinations and nothing is working. I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you

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Hi mriggy and welcome to Tiki Community smile

Check the doc about Permissions (the main part has been rewritten from another source (better, for that page, among others )

It seems that you need to grant permissions for your registered and/or anonymous groups in order to let them see the files (images) in that default gallery where the images may be stored.

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I clicked on the permissions documents and I think the link is dead.

I do realize that it is a permissions problem I just can't figure out which permission it is. Would you happen to have any idea?

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I did not give the group admin permission which is why they were not able to see the image. I thought admin gives access to everything but it does not. I will have to read further documentation on it.

Thank you

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You should not have to give your users access to Admin. There are really two permissions that will control the image behavior.

  1. : If you are inserting images by Attaching them to a Wiki page, then you need to set


  1. : If you are using File Galleries as your main source for storing images, then you need to set


That should solve your issues without giving any type of Admin permissions to your users.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Pascal


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Hi Pascal,

This worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your help