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Re: 'Dump' including wiki page attachments?

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Hi Rob:

And welcome to Tikiwiki community. smile

Y have no idea myself. But isnce the intratiki messaging is buggy right now for plain regisered users, I answer here to this and related issue.

Dump is an old feature, and it might not have been updated for a while by any coder (not sure, anyway, just guessing).
If you see no attachments, then I would suggest:

  • update the Documentation page (whatever it is) to reflect this information
  • add a feature request, if you wish, so that it can be kept in mind for some coder in the future when willing to reuse or improve the dump feature:

Ensure you don't have any encoding problems (see Understanding Encoding and the recent fixes in Tiki5rc1, in case you upgraded from a previous tiki branch with non-english content...)



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