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Features / Usability

I can't able to find the options for google maps displayed in documentation

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Hello everybody !

I have looked on the Tiki's Google maps documentation .But unfortunately .I can 't find the options shown on the image which was displayed in the documentation .I have activated the maps and configured the API key .The users can able to view the map too.

But My users are able to just view the map and there are no options available at their preferences .

Does anybody have Idea on how to configure the google maps feature so that we can enable the users to set their preferences .

I am attaching the screen shots from admin end and user end .So It may be helpful to me to explain my problem well .

From admin end- http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/9726/mapadmin.png
User end - http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/3538/mapuser.png

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I didn't get solution yet .Does any body have Idea on this issue?

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Your users have to go to their preferences ("My Tiki") to set their location on the map. Although note that there appears to be a bug in which Tiki won't remember the location coordinates the user chooses, so they end up having to copy and post the coordinates into their preferences.

Does this help?