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TikiWiki 5.1 forum toolbar problem

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I have a problem with tikiwiki 5.1 (running on pogamut.cuni.cz). The thing is that Toolbar in Forum doesn't work. (The toolbar with buttons making text bold or italic, inserting image, etc.)

Symptoms: I want to reply/start some comment on the forum. I want to make my text bold. I write the text, select it, click B on the toolbar that should make my text bold. What happens is that the page gets refreshed instead of my text being made bold (that means instead of adding "__" in front and at the end of the selected char sequence). :-/

So far I have been unable to solve this issue. Can it be caused by bad access rights to some wiki folders on the machine (linux)? Or is it tikiwiki 5.1 issue? Or perhaps some settings in wiki admin is wrong?

Thanks for any answers.


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You might want to consider upgrading to 5.3, and see if you still have the issue. I'm not aware of any forum toolbar problems but you never know.

Don't know if this will help but you can admin toolbars on this page: tiki-admin_toolbars.php.

Perhaps you could try creating the toolbar again from the beginning.