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Features / Usability

Re: How do I make the startpage show the last changed pages dynamically?

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You can use the {MODULE()} plugin to add modules to pages such as since_last_visit_new, which will show changes to various Tiki objects as well as new material. There are lots of object-specific-modules too that will show things like the last X forum postings, or the top blogs, or last uploaded files etc. The modules should probably cover 99% of your needs.

You can also add multiple modules per page so that you can end up with quite a complex page with a wealth of information. In addition, look at plugins too, as there are one or two plugins that give you some information such as the total number of users (I think "per user group" is possible).

Modules and Plugins can be added to a page using the standard text editor, there are icons to the right hand side of the normal bold, italic icons etc.