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Hi Solidgreen and welcome to the Tiki Community!

This is a very interesting question for users coming from MediaWiki, so thanks for raising this issue.

In addition to the answers from Rick and Gary, I'll add that there is a "transclude" plugin to act like the include plugin but allowing to replace some variables for content in the page where you use the transclude plugin.

I'm not using it at all, but I recalled that someone did it to mimic the template feature in mediawiki.

However, you are entering a less-wiki (i.e. less quick) area of content creation in a wiki-based software. Maybe that's why most users in the Tiki Community don't spend too much time on that?
Instead, when we need some more styling of tables:

  • we can use the Wysiwyg editor for a page, instead.
  • Or tables from a tiki spreadsheet using the PluginSheet.
  • Or documents from Google embedded with the PluginGoogleDocs
  • Or the more advanced was of using (structured) data within wiki pages by means of using PRetty Trackers

But keep in mind, that those features might require some learning curve to master them, before you can take the most out of them (depending of what you are willing to acomplish, the learning trip is worth indeed, even if it takes a while specially with Trackers and Pretty Trackers!)


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