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Architecture / Installation

TW 8.2: Memory Errors

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after having played fith some older installations locally I just installed a fresh TW 8.2 installation on a shared webspace (1und1.de).

After having issues with memory errors and blank pages during the initial customization which I started in look&feel and with applying a profile I reset the installation and first applied the configuarations wanted followed by the profile (Personal_Blog_and_Profile_8x) and template (abse).

So I managed to get the first setup and started entering content.

Now I'm stuck when tring to change some settings as again I run into memory errors in a lot of admin areas, which are:

  • community
  • editing&plugins
  • i18n
  • maps
  • performance
  • comments
  • wiki
  • file galleries
  • blogs
  • articles
  • trackers
  • polls
  • calendar
  • categories
  • freetags
  • Google maps
  • ads

So basically all activated functions apart of "areas" lead to errors, while only "polls" and "ads" as inactive functions lead to errors.

Also the error appears when editing wiki pages (sometimes) and blogposts (sometimes, not when prior creating a blogpost and directly editing this or other posts).

Technical data:
Tiki version: 8.2 (MyISAM)
PHP Version 5.2.17
max_execution_time 50000
max_input_time -1
memory_limit 90M

From my research in the forum and FAQ these settings should be sufficient for correct functionality but the errors occure when allocating 27M to 28M, so less than a third of the official available memory.

The error is the same in FF 9.0.1, IE 8.0.6001 or Chrome 16.0.912.

Thanks in advance for any hints,

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Hi Marc,

Nevertheless I have the logging set to "PHP Error reporting level: Report all PHP errors except notices" I can't find any error entry in the tiki logs...

Is there any other swith I have to activate to get them logged?


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BTW during some research about other CMS with 1und1.de I found out, that my old contract states to have 90M memory in phpinfo but only has 30M available for processing eek
Also max_execution_time available is 10...

So I just changed into a newer contract package - cheaper and with more service - which states to have 60M and 20 sec execution time available - also offering a preconfigured TikiWiki as 1-click-installation!

The change should be performed within the next 6 hrs, so I can hope the errors will be gone by then.


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They changed it quite fast.
Although phpinfo still shows identical settings it seems that now the real available settings of the new contract - 60M and 20 seconds - are valid.

No more errors in all of the affected areas.

Lesson learned: don't trust the phpinfo result on shared webhosting, especially 1und1 / 1and1.