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Re: No Registration confirmation emails sent - shows error in logging

Czech Republic


maybe your server is not sendmail ready. Try to change sending mails via SMTP (with correct smtp server settings and mail user authentication) on General Admin panel.

hth, luci

auroramae wrote:


I originally posted this issue to the documentation board. My apologies for not putting it in the correct location. This is a brand new installation of tikiwiki. Tiki version: 8.2 (MyISAM) The tiki does not send registration confirmation emails nor notices to admins when someone has registered. Settings seem ok but there may be something I've overlooked.

Email can be sent using the messages feature in a user's profile. I have enabled logging of email errors and there are errors listed but no details. I have also enabled PHP error reporting - nothing so far.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We will need to stop using tikiwiki if the confirmation issue isn't resolved. I am unable to search these forums - the system says permission must be enabled by an administrator, so please forgive me if a solution or troubleshooting steps have been posted previously.

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