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Video streaming, sharing, tube site (youtube like)

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Can TikiWiki be used to create a video sharing site?

I would like to create one site dedicated to video sharing, like youtube. Can TikiWiki be used for that?

If not, I suggest you to add that function, it might be the only function not yet available for TikiWiki.

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In conjunction with Kaltura, yes. Please see: Kaltura
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Marc Laporte wrote:
In conjunction with Kaltura, yes. Please see: Kaltura

But it has an extra cost, I am looking for something that be free.

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Kaltura is Free/Open Source software. The license is AGPL.

You can host it yourself or get a hosted edition:

Whatever solution you choose, you have to pay for bandwidth (which can be expensive with video).

Kaltura won't work on shared hosting, but I doubt that any video management system does.

If you really can't use Kaltura, you can upload flv files and use PluginMediaPlayer, but this requires that your users all follow the instructions properly. With Kaltura, they can just upload just about any format and Kaltura nicely converts it.

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M ;-)

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My site uses the Flowplayer free streaming video software, which works well for my purposes, but each streamed video is supported by its own wiki page.

I'm not sure how you could expand from my model of carefully-arranged streaming video -to- user-uploaded streaming video. Some file-selection interface for selecting and playing playing MP3s or MP4s... ??