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Tiki 9 unable to sync groups with AD __SOLVED__

I'm having issues getting my groups to sync with an AD.

System logs show that all is working fine, and it even says "syncing group with ldap", but the groups don't change.

Do I have to have something specific set for "Corresponding user attribute in 1st directory", is this what looks at the groups for the user, and would use this information to add the user to the group in tiki? Or does this decide which groups to sync? I have tried uid and sAMAccountName, but neither had any effect.

How does the "Synchronize Tiki groups with a directory" work? Does it pull the directory in the ldap external groups tab > ldap group > group DN field? I have it enabled, and I have the group dn pointing to where the ldap groups are, but nothing syncs across. Will it only sync if a user logs in who is a member of that group, and only if tiki is set correctly to recognize the user is a member of that group? Or if it is working will it automatically sync all groups in that directory?

Do I need "Synchronize Tiki groups with a directory" enabled, or can it just sync groups based on what the user is in?

Also, I am aware that http://dev.tiki.org/item4147 is still open, and could possibly be causing the failure to sync, but I have tried it with the fix applied, and with the default userslib.php., and it I couldn't get anything to work either way.



United States

Nice work, Jobi.
You can submit an update if you'd like.

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