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TikiWiki cannot send email

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My TikiWiki (version 8.4) cannot send email. Configuring it as sendmail fails. I am told that on my server sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail, but I could not figure out where TikiWiki expects it to be.

From the General admin page, when I put my own email as "Email to send a test email", I get "test email sent to tjrob at muonsinc.com", but no such email ever arrives. So it looks like sendmail is misconfigured (and this forum probably cannot help with that).

When I configure it to use SMTP, with credentials Thunderbird can use, it still doesn't work.

From the General admin page, when I put my own email as "Email to send a test email", I get the error "Unable to send mailArray ( 0 => Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out 1 => Not connected! ) "

Both Thunderbird and Firefox can connect to the email server I configured, and login with the login/password I supplied. I tried the following combinations:
port 25 / security none
port 465 / security SSL
port 587 / security TLS

Any suggestions?

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Hi i have installed tiki wiki and done a very basic set up and saved the entire website context to my computer just to be on the safe side,
i did recieve a test mail upon installing so i know the tiki wiki app im using can send emails out, i have configured the smtp correctly i checked the setting with my other website which the mail notication and authenication is working, i have been throught the configurations to check its not something that needs to be ticked or unticked, i have also double checked the smtp details are all correct with my hosting company, as far as im aware i have my cookies turned off or aleast not set im not sure if that can stop registration or emails, i am able to log in fine as admin but when i go to create an account for testing purposes it basically says dns or incorrectly configured login.php, so i was wondering if that could be either authenication problem ie i have it set to login but i have tried all 4 types and all give the same result except none but then that doesnt send an vaildate email out, i also thought it could be a mis link ie set to one homepage but possible going to another one that isnt configured although i havent chaanged any homepage setting as i find this unlikely i have cheked my nameservers and all mail setting seem to be coorect and leading where they should , i am still playing around with my config and setting as i am new to tiki wiki i have been using oc portal for the last 2 years ish, but i do like the look and features of tiki wiki and decided to give it a go
and i am hoping to make the biggest worldwide interactive multi media multilang d/v site in the world if i can sort the vaild emails part out any one able to help thank you

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I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand your problems.... Can you please provide some details:

  • Which Tiki version are you using?
  • Do you have the Validate Users By Email option enabled?
  • Have you tested with both SMTP and sendmail?


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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hi my appologises
tiki version 9.0 (myisam)
i do have the option vaildates users by email enabled
i have tried sendmail and when iregister it says you have been sent and email but io dont get one i have checked my junk mail just incase but no luck and when i change it to smtp it seems to take along time then i get a message like this :- Connection closed by remote server

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Hi all
Just wanted to let you know i have sorted out the problem with my smtp mail and i have got my validate emails working now thank you

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Dear UADV,

Can you tell what you did to resolv the problem ?
At version 17.1 I will have the same problem ..

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Hi !I am using tiki version 15.3 I setup my preference that if there is a new forum thread that I am an editor, I will receive an email notification in "My Watches". However, I haven't received any email. It works for blog and new user registration though. So no problem with the email setup. As I debug the code, I found a few problem in the code: In File: /lib/notification/notificationemaillib.php Line: 112

Cheers, https://cozzy.org

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