LDAP / Active directory

SSO and "AD Groups in Groups"

Hey Communtiy,

I got a few questions about SSO and AD Groups in Tiki. First SSO:

Tiki Wiki is running on an Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7.5. Is it possible to implimentate SSO, so the user automatically logs in with the AD User into Tiki Wiki when it opens the webpage? What do I have to configure?

Is it possible to use one central AD group with other groups in it?
Explanation: We got one central group. In that group there all the groups of the locations of our company, so every location can manage the users. In our tests, Tiki Wiki saw the groups in the group as users and not as groups for tiki. Can Tiki work with that structure? If yes, what do i have to type in the settings of tiki?

thank you!

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