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Architecture / Installation

11.0 Not Installing

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AFAICT, the 11.0 installer fails because tikiwiki is not logging into mysql. I know this because I turned on mysql debugging and see no login attempts from tikiwiki's installer.

I can generate a failed login message in mysql with the mysql client. No login failure from the tikiwiki installer suggests the code simply isn't making any mysql calls. This is on Debian 7.0 with everything pulled from Debian repos. PHP runs through apache2, no fancy cgi/fpm. php_info works on apache2 with php-gd enabled. So, the fundmentals are all there.

Is there a way to turn on debugging to dump processing inside tikiwiki?

I'm thinking I should try the 10.0 as I'm running out of functional possibilities for apps like tikiwiki. Is that advised? I don't *have* to be on the latest and greatest if 10.0 works.

Thanks in advance.

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The installer works in 11.0 with no problems when server requirements are met. Maybe you are missing some php-mysql package from the repos?

Do applications like phpmyadmin work on your server?

Install phpmyadmin first, for instance, and it will pull all the other required packages for the communication between php and mysql apps.

Once you succeed with it (log in phpmyadmin, create a database, etc), you can try again with your Tiki.

Cheers, and welcome to the Tiki Community :-)