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Architecture / Installation

User email addresses exposed to public

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I'm extremely pleased with Tiki and came here from Dokuwiki because of the possibility to integrate an email listserver with the forum. I followed the procedure to create a Google groups mailing list that synchronizes with the forum as explained here:

Everything was working perfectly during my tests, but now that I made the site live, I see that the email addresses of the posters are exposed to the public. redface I don't care whether they are obfuscated or not, they should not be displaying in the forum at all.

See the name and email address here after "Posted by" beneath the large title at the top:

If the incoming email address matches a user on the wiki, it is supposed to attribute the post to that user, but if the incoming address is not registered on tiki, the post is supposed to be Anonymous. Instead, it is showing the entire from address!

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So this can be considered a bug, isn't it?

Bug reports go (as wishes) to: https://dev.tiki.org

And they get resolved faster if you manage to get a coder (consultant) to fix it for you.

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Yes, I created a bug report, but I would like to compare notes with anyone in the community who is successfully using this feature. I am certain that when I first set it up, the posts were being correctly flagged as anonymous. Maybe this changed in the upgrade to 11.