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How to disable the visibility of the admin panel?

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How can I disable that everyone sees the Admin panel in the left hand column? It's visible to everyone, although only admin can use it. It's even visible on the start page to not logged-in viewers, that means: To the entire world.

How can I limit this to the admin?


P.S.: This is version 6.12 LTS...

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Hi Oliver:


scroll down

Tab "Assigne Modules"

Tab "Left"

Find "Application Menu" in the table and there find the "edit icon" at the very right. The "edit icon" should be a symbol of a sheet of paper with a yello pen.

Click the edit icon.

Find a drop down menu or a scollable field with the names of the existing groups.

Click on Admins (NOT holding the control key - just choose the Admins group).


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Maybe you want to consider to upgrade to Tiki12 ?


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This almost does the trick. Almost.

For anonymous users, the visibility is now gone entirely. Great.

But for registered users it is still visible. It cannot be expanded anymore, with error message that admin-rights are missing.

Is there a way to eliminate even the visibility to users?


P.S.: I really need a stable wiki, so I stick to the LTS, and that is currently 6.12. 11 is said to become the new LTS, but this hasn't happened yet...

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Greeting's Of The Day!

Can anyone please tell me how to disable the tikiwiki version in admin page, General Preferences Tab.

Below i have attache screen shot also.


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Hi Prabhu,

could you please create new thread for your topic next time please? Thanks!

I cannot see any attachment. Did it work?

I wonder for what you need to disable it but I think you can just hide it using CSS:

#contentadmin_general-1 .alert {display: none}