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Architecture / Installation

After upgrade to 9.7 LTS file gallery is instable

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after I removed some stumbling blocks after upgrading my Tiki from 6.12 LTS to 9.7 LTS, there is one severe issue remaining for which I cannot find a solution.

The file gallery is seriously instable. Since the problem does not always pop up, but only intermittingly, at first I thought about a cache problem. I cleared all caches in Tiki Wiki, and also in the browser. At first, that solved it. But the problem keeps coming back.

Every once in a while it resurfaces, and by clearing caches I can make it go away - only to reappear later. Also, there are still no thumbnails of the gallery at all. And I suspect that my problem with avatars that some users (not all) have lost is linked to that.

If file gallery chokes, then it just sends this to the browser in plain ASCII:

"Strict Standards: Non-static method Image::is_supported() should not be called statically in /homepages/41/my_doc_root/htdocs/tiki/tiki-download_file.php on line 237

Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/41/my_doc_root/htdocs/tiki/tiki-download_file.php on line 322

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/41/my_doc_root/htdocs/tiki/tiki-download_file.php:237) in /homepages/41/my_doc_root/htdocs/tiki/tiki-download_file.php on line 354

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/41/my_doc_root/htdocs/tiki/tiki-download_file.php:237) in /homepages/41/my_doc_root/htdocs/tiki/tiki-download_file.php on line 369

The GIF87, followed by lots and lots of binary in ASCII mode, tells me that the file is present and readable, but for some obscure reason Tiki Wiki does not want to read and interpret it and send it as an image to the browser?

Always, if file gallery fails, a download of said file always works, so it's not about the files at all.

In some other discussion a custom php.ini was mentioned as a possible culprit - but I haven't changed mine, PHP is fixed by my hosting provider (1&1).

Thanks for your help

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Actually, if you Google "Strict Standards: Non-static method Image::is_supported() should not be called statically" you find many many Tikiwikis out there on the net with the same problem! Obviously many site owners struggle with this, so I am led to believe this is a serious bug?

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After logging in as admin, enter yourdomain/tiki-check.php in your browser. Then reply with your php version. Here is mine:

PHP version 5.2.17 Image uglyYou have a somewhat old version of PHP. You can run Tiki 6.x LTS or 9.x LTS but not later versions.


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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the feedback.

the results are interesting. Funny that tiki-check.php doesn't say anything about memory. I use 1&1, Germany's biggest hosting provider, and they only give you 90 MByte, no matter how much you pay them. The installation script complained about that, and here in the forum I occasionally read I should have 128 MByte or even 256 MByte for a 12.0. That's illusionary. But on the other hand, so far I have never actually seen an out of memory error. Most of the times pages take 20 or so MByte (I have that displayed at the bottom of every page).

The complaints of tiki-check.php are:
character_set_server latin1 ugly On a fresh install you should have everything set to UTF-8 to not run into any suprises. For further information please see Understanding Encoding.

That's interesting, because when I migrated to the previous version I used, 6.12 LTS, the script claimed to have migrated to UTF-8, and during the migration to 9.7 LTS I had the checkbox "force UTF-8" activated...

collation_server latin1_swedish_ci ugly On a fresh install you should have everything set to UTF-8 to not run into any suprises. utf8_unicode_ci is the default collation for Tiki. For further information please see Understanding Encoding.

That is strange. I have no idea why it says swedish. Nothing has ever been swedish here. It's a German hosting provider sitting in Germany (so am I), the Wiki is written in German and always has been...

slow_query_log ON info Your MySQL logs slow queries. If you don't have performance issues, you should disable this on a production site as it slows MySQL down.

I never set this anywhere. How can I get rid of that (if I can, some things cannot be changed by me, like PHP memory. Even just mentioning a different memory limit in .htaccess results in a 500 internal server error).

Disk Space 280.81 GB good You have more than 251 megs of free disk space. Tiki will run nicely, but you may run into issues when your site grows (e.g. file uploads) When the disk runs full you will not be able to log into your Tiki any more. We can not reliably check for quotas, so be warned that if your server makes use of them you might have less disk space available.

Strange. Actually it's 90 GBytes minus what TikWiki (three instances, the current one and two predecessors of the same wiki) have used up...

/var/www/html/maps Directory is not writeable!

What a suprise, I cannot write into /var... I believe no one who doesn't have a dedicated server can do that...

Error reporting Partly info You will not get all errors reported as your error_reporting level is at 30719. This is not necessarily a bad thing (and it might be just right for production sites) as you will still get critical errors reported, but sometimes it can be handy to get more information. Check your error_reporting level in php.ini in case of having issues.

Well, at the moment there is no php.ini I could access. I could start one, but haven't done that so far.

PHP version 5.4.23 good You have a recent version of PHP and you can run any supported versions of Tiki.

PHP Server API cgi-fcgi info You are running PHP as CGI. Feel free to use a threaded Apache MPM to increase performance.

I don't think my provider will like this freedom :-)

ByteCode Cache N/A info You are using neither APC nor xCache as your ByteCode Cache which would increase performance, if correctly configured. See Admin->Performance in your Tiki for more details.

Not sure about that....

memory_limit 90M bad Your memory_limit is at 90M. This is known to cause issues! You should raise your memory_limit to at least 128M, which is the default of PHP.

Well, here is the complaint. But 128 MBytes are absolutely illusionary.

zlib.output_compression Off info You have zlib output compression turned off. This reduces CPU usage. Turning it on would in turn save bandwidth. Choose your poison.

No choice at all...

default_charset ugly default_charset should be UTF-8 as Tiki is fully UTF-8. Please check your php.ini.

Hm, I guess I will have to start a php.ini...

date.timezone ugly You have no timezone set! While there are a lot of fallbacks in PHP to determine the timezone, the only reliable solution is to set it explicitly in php.ini! Please check the value of date.timezone in php.ini.

Same as above. But strangely Tikiwiki, when going into the users dialog as admin, claims to be in Germany, so somehow it does figure that out...

max_execution_time 50000s ugly Your max_execution_time is at 50000. This is not necessarily bad, but it's a good idea to limit this time on productions servers in order to eliminate unexpectedly long running scripts.


max_input_time -1s ugly Your max_input_time is unlimited. This is not necessarily bad, but it's a good idea to limit this time on productions servers in order to eliminate unexpectedly long running scripts.

Same as above...

Image Magick Not Available info ImageMagick is used as a fallback in case that GD is not available.

LDAP Not available info You will not be able to connect your Tiki to an LDAP server as the needed PHP extension is missing. More info at: http://doc.tiki.org/LDAP

memcache Not available info This extension can be used to speed up your Tiki by saving sessions as well as wiki and forum data on a memcached server.

That's interesting. Not that I could actually do anything about that, but on other occasions Tiki developers warn about using this feature because it's experimental and needs thorough knowledge from the admin, if I remember correctly.

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Now I have an error, that I only get when logged in as a user. It does not show up when I am admin. This pops up right in the middle of tiki-list_file_gallery.php, so it is visibly on the (otherwise fine looking) file gallery page. That is different to the PHP errors mentioned above when clicking on images, there the PHP error plus the ASCII output of binary file content is displayed instead of a wiki page.

Warning: Illegal string offset 'value' in /homepages/41/my_doc_root/htdocs/tiki/templates_c/de18b660cf6951a7bde07357befc24a4e5^76470321e2c92d29246fb58251c4ad2afc5922b9.file.tiki-list_file_gallery.tpl.php on line 221

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