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Architecture / Installation

Tabs not usable after upgrade to TikiWiki 9.7

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I've tried upgrading our existing website from Tiki 6.10 to 9.7. At the moment I'm running a test upgrade so as not to affect the main site.
I've got most things sorted but for some reason the "Tabs" just don't work. For example on the "Look and Feel" page, I can see that there is an underlying link there (e.g. .../tiki-admin.php?page=look#content2 ) but clicking on it doesn't look to do anything.
Any ideas on how to make the tabs work as expected?
Thanks Peter

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Sounds like you're having some sort of JS error. Is your browser reporting any sort of script error?

Do you have any custom CSS or templates? Moving from Tiki6 to Tiki9 required (IIRC) some theme changes. See the Release Notes for details.


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Hi Rick,
Thanks for the reply. I can't see any errors but it may be I'm not looking correctly. I've used Firebug console and there's nothing there apart from the warning about slowdowns. I do use NoScript but I've also tried IE with no difference in results.
I do have a (semi-)custom theme based on "extending" Strasa but the problem is present when trying other themes. The main changes I seemed to have to make were changing h2 styles to h1 etc.
I've installed a clean version of 9.7 on the same web-server with a clean DB and the tabs work fine. I'll try again upgrading but without installing any of my customised stuff to see what happens. If that doesn't work I might try a sequential upgrade, ie going to 7, 8 then 9. Dunno if that might help?
I'll report back later...

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A more sequential coping of the files I've modified reveals that in the previous version I'd modified tiki-js.js! Unsurprisingly, not copying this file means the tabs work.

So I'll have to look at the modifications and see if they are still needed in Tiki9.7. They were relating to the opening of "folders" with a menu - structure.

Thanks for the help - problem solved :-)