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Architecture / Installation

File Galleries problem after upgrade to 12.0

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Hi everybody,

I was developing a new website using tiki and just ran in a weird problem.

I first started from 11.0, creating my own theme for my site and creating some content, including Wiki pages using images from various file galleries. I had no problem in uploading images to the galleries and use them in my pages.

Then, as Tiki-12 is a Long Term support release, I decided to upgrade so that my site will be published with a stable version fo tiki.

I had a few things to change in my theme, but not so much, so I found the upgrade quite simple. I do a few tests, displaying or editing pages and had no problem.

However, I just discover after pushing tiki-12 in production on a beta site that I can no more upload images to the galleries...

Whatever the path used to go to the "Upload File" page I can fill everything and submit the form but then:
1) The progress bar immediately announces 99% (a bit too fast WRT my poor ADSL performance...)
2) A new page appears with the frame that contained the upload form replaced by a complete instance of a page of my site (full with header, menus, modules...) which says:
a) I must accept cookies (already done)
b) There is an error: "Please login - Permission denied"
c) I get a login form

I suspected a permission problem, but the directory where files should be saved is writable by the apache server so that was not the problem source; the directory name is correct as I can read existing files from the gallery.

Perhaps the problem is linked with my current setup; I use a multi-tiki setup with local.php selecting the right database and setting $tikidomain to the host name of the site (less the www. path component)?

When looking at the server logs I discover a few things that puzzled me:
1) the user agent of the POST request is "Shockwave Flash"
2) Just before the POST I see a GET for a swfupload.swf file (referer is tiki-upload_file.php) then two GETs, for / (a 302 redirect) and /HomePage (referer is the swf script, but agent is Firefox)

Does that mean that uploading the file needs that Flash is installed (thus forbidding the use of my site from browsers that do not support Flash?)

I also look at the error log but it was empty.

How could I investigate further this problem? I don't know at all how I could debug this problem and that is blocking me in my content development.

posts: 4 France

The problem is effectively linked to the use of Flash for the progres bar; if I deactivate it (changing fgal_upload_progressbar) the file upload works again, but obviously there is a problem with this feature.

What seems to happen is that when I try to start the upload, instead of getting the upload form replaced by the progress bar, I get this form replaced by some page (upload page itself?) but without the proper cookie, so that I'm not authorized to display it (only registered users are allowed to upload files on my site) so I finally land to a login page, with the cookie acceptation request on top of page, that is displayed instead of the upload form in my (correctly authentified) page.

Note that this cause also problems to the debug console: even if I allow the debug console to be opened for any user (so that I see it in the embedded frame) I can only see the debug console for the main window, not the one for the embedded page...