Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Problem in installation

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I have a problem in installing tiki 12 LTS

1.Checked with webhost and resolved issues with reference to tikicheck.php
2. I have uploaded the file via FTP to subdirectory
3 Changed directory to 775 as described in tiki for smarties. The directory "backup" did not exist
4. Changed _htaccess to .htaccess
5. however, I do not how to update the .htaccess file to update location in subdirectory

however, when I got to http://www.outoftheblue.co.in/tiki/tiki-install.php

The foll error comes
Fatal error: Class 'Smarty_Security' not found in /home/outof888/public_html/tiki/lib/init/smarty.php on line 27

Please advise

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Looks like you're missing some files. Confirm that all the files were successfully FTPed to your server (check the logs).

You may find it easier to FTP the single archive file (instead of the 1,000s of files) to your host, then unarchive it there.


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posts: 26 India

Hi Rick,
Thanks for your advice. I redid the installation by uploading the zip file via ftp and then extracting it in cpanel. It helped.

Thank you for your time.