Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

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I'am a bit overwhelmed and do not where to begin. Literature is not user friendly for a non techie to use.

Would you recommend just to reintsall Tiki in root directory.
I was saving it for another application but will change my plan.

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How did you install Tiki? Did you FTP the files? If so, check the FTP log and confirm that all files were transferred successfully.

If you're new to Tiki, I recommend taking a look at my beginners's guides: http://TikiForSmarties.com


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Thank you again.
Uploaded the zip file and used the cpanel for extraction.
Copied the -htacees in tiki directory and pasted in .htacess in root directroy.

I have another personal installation of tiki is sub directory on another webhost. This was installed by using webhost CNC
Have read tikiforsmarties and have played around with features.

After using it I wanted to use for our company. I choose wiki 12 LTS. installing software in sub directory is not a big deal.

anyway, do you think I should reinstall in root directory.
appreciate your support.


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thanks for your help. I have re-installed in the root and works fine.

Tikiforsmarties is of great help.