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Re: slider asking me to authorize each modules

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Hi Daniel:

You have some errors in the names you use in your modules. Search is with lowercase letter (search), and the second is just "last_blog_posts". You need to have blogs enabled in your site, and the search feature, also.

And to validate the modules, you need to do it as admin through: tiki-plugins.php, because module slideer seems that it doesn't expand to show the lower part to validate each module call.

This syntax with fixed module names works for me:

{SLIDER(titles="Cherchez|Inscrivez-vous à ce blogue|Ce bloque est nouveau!" expand="n" resizecontents="n" theme="simple")} {module module="search" maxlen="100" show_namespace="n" nobox="n" max="5" } ///// {module module="last_blog_posts" nobox="n" max="5" } ///// {module module="user_blogs" type="cloud" max="25" nobox="n"} {SLIDER}