How to contribute to Greek translation?

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Hi to everybody from Greece!

I am a recent member of Tiki community, with not so much experience about Tiki installation and everyday use.

The main "change" I have made to "mine" installations, so far, is the translation of a part of "el/language.php" to Greek.

I have read all the pages about Tiki translation (I think), but I would appreciate every piece of advice about how to "contribute" this translation to community with the "safest" method - ie, without harming other people work.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello rentoulis,

I just stumbled over your post and must admid ... I should have been subscribing the forum notifications for more forums.

Are you still willing to contribute to the Greek translation and you still nee advice?

You can write me an e-mail to @tiki.org" rel="">torsten@tiki.org and I'd be delighted to guide you through and aswell to give you a hand to find the who+what+where in the community.

Best regards,