Header + image problem after upgrading 6.3 to 12.3


Hi everyone,

I am trying to fix a customized configuration after the upgrade. Checked everywhere and didn't find the place to fix that.
My old version www.crtl.ca shows customized top menu bar and image properly, however the upgraded one www3.crtl.ca is messing the top, the customized menu is hidden as transparent kind and the default top menu doesn't disappear/hide.

Please give me some tips.

Thanks a lot!



Hi Antonio,

did you miss to copy custom files from the old to the new site?

Tiki 12 is the last version that shares the same theme system as all pre-12 (ex. your 6.3). From Tiki 13 on there are massive changes (Twitter Bootstrap as base).

In Tiki 7 there have been considerable changes related to modules.

Anyway, without looking deeper into it I cannot give you exact directions.



Thanks Torsten,

I am not aware about where these custom files were placed. I didn't find a folder called liked "custom". I think I missed something related to the custom files, I tried to check them by date, however I didn't succeed in doing that.
Actually I took the database dumpfile from 6.3 and reloaded to the new 12.3 version and ran the upgrade through the browser.

As you suggested, perhaps I am missing something.



United States

One thing I see right off the top...  your site includes a custom line of CSS:

#sitelogo img {margin-top: 0; position: relative; top: -12px;}

However, starting in Tiki 12, the #sitelogo ID was changed to .sitelogo class. Please see the release notes for this and other theme-related changes. 

Additionally, the Custom Code aea (that you used in Tiki 7) was removed in Tiki12 and converted to a simple module.  For complex coding (such as what appears to be in your case, but I can't tell for sure), you'll need to rework the styling for the heading, especially since the theme-based heading TPLs were removed. Please see the Module Revamp docs for details, especially the "Theme Compatibility" section.


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Thanks Rick! I will check that out.


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