Re: Re: Logo in tiki-print.php

Hi Torsten!

I did exactly what you said. I can also say that I tried to assign all gallery permissions to anonymous group, just in case.

Moreover, in look and feel section i inserted the code copied from here and changed the image id with my id image, then changed to my machine address and my domain address (it changed in img src="http://tiki.mydomain.it/tiki/show_image.php?id=33"), then with the server ip (it changed in img src="http://my.ip.lan.address/tiki/show_image.php?id=33") and no one worked in print mode.

Then I tried to copy the two addresses above in browser's URL space but I couldn't see the image. I also tried to insert the direct address of the image (tiki.mydomain.it/tiki/img/tiki/logo.png) in Look and feel space but it didn't appear in print...

I hope there's one more possibility...

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