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How to config a main menu like tiki.org/forum4 within Tikiwiki Groupware 14.x?

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Guys, I am a newbie in TikiWiki Groupware 14.x. At the current my wiki page is using a simple main menu that I choose in Modules. However, it does not look good. I am investigating on how to config a main menu like one of tiki.org/forum4.

Could you guys give me an advise or hint to do that?

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Hello phucnguyen,

it is possible to create and customise various numbers of navigation menus to Tiki and additionally to display different elements for different (logged in) groups.

And aswell it is not always clear when somebody says "I have seen a menu at this site or at that site", that another person understand what exacly is meant ...

... would you maybe do a screenshot of the menu / website you have now (the one you do not like) and another screenshot of the good menu you have seen.

That would be very helpful to us, to understand what you want to achieve.

Additionally we need to know, for which feature you want to use the menu => is it to display forum posts, or for articles or for displayng a navigation for structured or unstructured wiki pages ...

So I am looking forward to some additional information and I hope, we can help you then. And welcome to the Tiki community.

Best regards,

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Hi Torsten, 

First of all, thank you for quick reply my post biggrin
And sorry about I did not make my question clearly.

My expected menu  that I said, is the menu which is being  used for this  forum.

In my expected menu, there are also Home, About, Contact, another buttons, and search box control. However, I don't quite know how to config to have a menu like that. Please see the attached image to get my expected menu.

P/s: Look like I have to use a theme and then I will get the menu like that, right?

Expected Menu  



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Hi phucnguyen,

this type of menu we call a "navbar", which is a wording from the Twitter Bootstrap HTML framework (implemented to Tiki in version 14).

This type of navbar is partially created with HTML in a "custom module", but integrating standart Tiki element by using SmartySyntax.

This might sound a bit complicated, but if you have at least a basic understanding of HTML, I could easily show you how to achieve this.

Sadly I have not too much time today for a quick webinar. But I give you a link where you could find some hints to start playing around.
Then it is possible that we schedule a short meeting in tiki.org/live another time to show you 'where and how' to finalise and to apply that type, in case you still have problems.

Check this out: Bootstrap+Navbar.

In case I would forget to come back to you, you can contact me with an internal message of via email: torsten at tiki dot org.

By the way: I am in Germany, so our time zone difference is about 5 ours.
We have summer time for another few days (daylight saving time) CEST = UTC+2, whilst in your country you have ICT = UTC+7.

Best regards,

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That's a good news for me, Torsten! 
Thank you for your link. Let me research and apply Bootstrap and NavBar first. If I get any issue, I will ping you. smile
I appreciate your enthusiasm.

Phuc Nguyen

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