Re: Re: Re: Wrong Cookie Name of Menus

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I don't think that this belongs to my problem, or to the bug.


What Tiki Wiki does when you click a menu:

  • you click a menu entry
  • the menu entry opens
  • tiki wiki creates the cookie "Menu"
  • tiki wiki inserts the open menu point into the cookie like:


What Tiki Wiki does when you reload the page:

  • tiki wiki loads all menus
  • it checks every  menu entry, if there is a cookie like:
    • menu . menu _ id _ location _ params
  • if there is something like this, he copies the params
  • then, when the param is c, he sets the css to "display: none" and when the param is  o he sets, in the smarty template, the css to "display: block"

I wrote the bug in bold. He creates a cookie like menu.menus and than looks for a cookie like menu.menu which, of course, he can't find. It's in my opinion a typo. And, as I wrote, after i added the "s" when he looks for the cookie, he is able to find it, and it works like described.


What  I did to find the problem is the check, what the php code gets from the cookie, and it was always "undefined". I don't think that it has anything to do with scrollbars or hidden overflows.

It is simply, that php cannot read the cookie, so that "display:none" is set in the /template/tiki-user_menu.tpl line 84. There, smarty checks if $open is set to "inline".

$open is defined on line 37 in the same file. There, if $chdata.open is defined and $chdata.open is true, than $open is set to "inline", else it is set to "none".


And $chdata.open is set using the cookie, which php isn't able to get because of the typo. I hope now it's clear what i wanted to say. :-)