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Permissions - is it possible to set different pernissions on sections of a page

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I am at the very beginning of my wiki journeys as an admin. mrgreen

I'm not sure if articles or wiki is proper for me. The intent is to create a site for users/noc_level1/noc_level2 to help people either solve or escalate a problem.

Is it possible to do the following?
create/maintain a single page for a particular problem. Have it broken down into 3 sections for each of the above listed groups.

  • Users would see the "Users" section, but nothing else
  • NOC_level1 would only see the "Users" + "NOC_level1" sections
  • NOC_level2 would see the whole page.

Not being able to do this means creating several pages for the same one problem. That would become document management hell... evil

If it's possible, could you kindly point me to the documentation and eventually I will figure it out? Just knowing if it is or is not possible would save me so much time...
If not possible, well I will just need to figure out a smart way to manage the multitude of documents.

Your help is much appreciated. biggrin

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oh, and also as a time saver for me to get up to speed and FYI for youif it matters...
I am using the Bitnami vm image to learn and test with. This comes with version 14.0 of tikiwiki on Ubuntu.

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Hello cwheeler,

you might be looking for PluginGroup.

See in use here:


For further advanced use you might want to see aswell WikiStructures.
There you could do the same with page permissions on a larger scale.

Where you create an automatic table of contents for the headings of a page with plugin PluginMaketoc, you'd create an automatic table of content of the page names of a wikistructures pages with PluginToc.

Welcome in the community and happy days,

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thanks for the welcome...
And a huge thanks for the pointers!!!

the testpage... link is exactly the idea I'm trying to achieve! Now that I know it's possible, I have a lot of research and work to do!!! biggrin

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Please mind the following:

1) If you give a group the permission to see the source code of a page, then even an unauthorised person could see the secret content.
=> I am referring to Tiki-page "view source code" permission, not the browser tool "view source code".

So you should restrict source code visibility to group Admins.

2.) Will you work with permissions on a lager scale?
Then better do not use global permissions and not object permissions.
Take all permissione from Registered (as by default "view wiki pages".

Then setup a category tree for permissions and set up a few appropriate goups.
Give the groups permissions in the categories (category permissions).

Users then have permissions not on a global base, but based on the category of the object they are viewing.

You can give permission to add objects to categories, so you can limit (and allow), in which categories users can create objects (like pages, blogposts, access forums, write artices, etc.).