Tiki and PluginR

Tiki and PluginR

CSV file upload fails

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Upload of CSV file fails under spreadheet fails with the following error showing on apache logs:-

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method TikiSheet::setSize() in /var/www/html/tikiwiki/lib/sheet/grid.php on line 1228, referer:

Seems like I need to install 'TikiSheet ' Plugin. Let me know how to do that.


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Dear Paul:

Please note that this forum is devoted to PluginR, not to other Tiki features, and Spreadsheet is a standard feature bundled within tiki (no need to install any extra plugin for PluginSheet to work).

You might be affected by a bug in the Spreadsheet feature, that I presume that is fixed since a few weeks ago in current code. Which Tiki version are you using?

can you try to reproduce the issue at http://demo.tiki.org ? (on whichever supported version that best resembles your tiki version?)


If you can confirm that this is a bug, you are more than welcome to add the bug report yourself, against the Spreadsheet feature, at:

and maybe that is a bug already reported? You can check that for instance at

Last, but not least, welcome to the Tiki Community! smile

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