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Features / Usability

how to get the menu items to display in desired order / hierarchy?

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Need help, again... :-(

This is the main menu hierarchy required on my site when having all unfolded, very simple:

Menu item 1
Menu item 2⇓
........Subitem 1
........Subitem 2
........Subitem 3
........Subitem 4
........Subitem 5
Menu item 3
Menu item 4
Menu item 5
Menu item 6
Menu item 7

At the moment all of the Menu items and subitems above have the “option” chosen as “Type” under “Edit menu option”. When I choose “section level 0” for “Menu item 2” this is what happens:

Menu item 1
Menu item 2⇓
........Sub Item 1
........Sub Item 2
........Sub Item 3
........Sub Item 4
........Sub Item 5
........Menu item 3
........Menu item 4
........Menu item 5
........Menu item 6
........Menu item 7

Now everything groups under Menu item 2. I did watch related video but it did not clarify this behaviour. Tried other settings but always landing up with problems.

May I please ask for another drop of water from the ocean of your knowledge? :-)
What would be the exact settings to use in order to bring out correct outcome?

Thank you for any help, as always!

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You didn't mention what Tiki version you're using, whether or not you creating Bootstrap-compatible menus, if you're using the CSS menu or folders, etc., but in general, try this:

Menu item 1 (level 0)
Menu item 2⇓ (level 0)
........Subitem 1 (level 1)
........Subitem 2 (level 1)
........Subitem 3 (level 1)
........Subitem 4 (level 1)
........Subitem 5 (level 1)
Menu item 3 (level 0)
Menu item 4 (level 0)
Menu item 5 (level 0)
Menu item 6 (level 0)
Menu item 7 (level 0)


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Tiki version 15.2. I wouldn't know answers to your other questions. I simply followed the tutorial video / info, following this path of action:

QuickAdministration/Menus/+CreateMenu/Menu options/Create menu option

I also created a home page for each menu item and subitem - just needed correct things to choose from the "Type" drop down and when trying to get the settings right I couldn't make things visible the way I wanted. Your solution worked perfectly, though!

I'm working through building my site step by step and to be honest I find your help priceless. With every step taken, every problem is faced and resolved!

Thank you for your continuous support! :-)