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For my application, being able to export the wiki documents as PDF is important. Thus, I was quite pleased to see that Tiki has strong PDF support via mPDF. I found the instructions here, https://doc.tiki.org/mPDF, for installing mPDF and everything went smoothly up until Step 3. For my installation (and I am a total n00b with respect to Tiki), when I go to Control Panel > General > General settings (tab), the only tabs I see are Contacts and Stats.

If I had to guess, I would think that the first problem is that Print Page is not yet enabled, but I have not been able to figure out how to do that. One post suggested that Print Page is enabled from Control Panel > Wiki page, but I did not see it there.

Would you please point me in the right direction. Note: My installation is Tiki V15.2.

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Hi groston
mPDF integration in Tiki is not finished yet in Tiki, and so far improvements are only available un Trunk. (I.e future 16)

Use other options for pdf generation in tiki 15.x.

See pdf

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Thank you for taking time to reply and for directing me to the resources. However, I am still at something of a loss. The page you identified says, "To configure with Tiki, go to General » General Settings admin panel (tiki-admin.php?page=general&cookietab=2) and set "PDF from URL" to "WebKit (wkhtmltopdf)". "

From the main menu, I clicked Settings->Control Panels, then selected General->General Settings. When I do this, I only see Contact and Sales. Where and how do I set the parameter specified in the above instructions?

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I simply do not see that heading. I have attached a screen grab of the page to which you referred me. Can you think of anything that I may have done incorrectly that would cause this issue?


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On the top left you will see a funnel icon.
Click that and choose Advanced check box also.
If that doesn't work, click the experimental check box.

  • Each option gives you more settings...

Sorry, I've been out of town away from my computer...


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Awesome! I now feel like I am making progress.

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It took some time to find the various settings, but printing to PDF is now working. Thank you.

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Awesome. Good job!
I updated the docs a bit to help out the next person trying to make PDF work.
Do you think this will help?
added the RemarksBox...
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To see all the settings available on your admin page, you may need to adjust your Preference Filters


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