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Passing login credentials via the URL

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We have created a single user for our wiki - one that provides our customers with access to the information. I would like to add a link from our primary website to the wiki site and I would like to include the login credentials in the link, e.g.:


Is this feature supported out-of-the box or via an existing plugin? If so, would you please point me to such. If not, any suggestions?

Thank you.

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Hi groston

Search for the feature Token Access & Share in the documenation:

FYI, you can alternatively also play with the http auth:

Or search through here:
or here

My best bet is that with "Tokens Access" & "Share" feautre you will do.

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Thank you for the reply. Based on your comments, I have been trying to get the Token Access to work, but no luck yet.

First, I went to http://my-site.tld/tiki-admin.php?page=security, clicked the Tokens tab, enabled token access, set Def Max Hits to a large number, and unchecked the other three boxes (share access rights - tell a friend, share access rights - share, do not delete temp users)

Then, on the page http://my-site.tld/tiki-admin_tokens.php, I clicked the Add New Token tab and added the following info:

Groups: Registered

I then clicked add. When I then entered the above URL into a browser window, I got the following error: Token Error - Your access to this page has expired.

I then deleted the above token and created one with this URL: http://my-site.tld/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage&TOKEN=68c3feef6d99754acd910c8643afee9f. When I entered this URL into a browser, I got the same error as above.

What am I doing wrong?

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