Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

The search index could not be updated. The site is misconfigured.

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Hi folks.
I use TikiWiki 15 for my site www.tigerlandarchive.org
And everything has been running smoothly until today.
1. Whenever I try to add any new data to my site, once I enter the data and click save - it goes to a blank error message screen saying 'tigerlandarchive.org page isn't working'.

2. When I then refresh that page I get :
The search index could not be updated. The site is misconfigured. Contact an administrator.
Could not perform index modification: Data too long for column 'contents' at row 1

3. The page then loads WITH the new data I've entered.
But I always get that error message now in Step 2

How do I prevent that error from happening.
Is it something to do with my Search module ?
When I go into Search and click on REBUILD INDEX, it says Your Index was last fully rebuilt on Thursday Aug 18.
(Today is obviously Oct 3. )

I notice underneath that it says Process Queue (6), which if I click on that it says Process Update Queue, with a drop down box of Process 10, Process 20, Process 50, Process 100, Process 250.

Process 50 is already preticked.
And there is a Process Batch button at the bottom.

Does that have anything to do with error ?
Help please


posts: 12 Australia


Selecting Rebuild Index, and then selecting Rebuild Index again has rectified the issue.
But I'm wondering, does that mean somewhere behind the scene in the coding , the rebuild index was 'full' and couldn't rebuild, so I had to manually do it ?