Sidenotes Not Displaying In Tuften Theme

United Kingdom

I am looking for advice on getting the sidenotes to display properly in the Tuften theme, in Tiki15.2

At present I can only get footnotes to display as footnotes, rather than as sidenotes, despite assigning the page to a category entitled 'Sidenotes' as suggested.

I have followed the instructions at the following locations:


This all seems straight-forward

The page is not displaying a space on the right side, as I would expect it to.

Suggestions appreciated!!



Thanks for trying this theme.

First of all, be sure that you did make a Tiki category named "Sidenotes" and then categorized your wiki page in this category. (Just to be clear, this "sidenotes" layout works only in the Tuften theme, as only this theme style sheet contains the necessary CSS.)

Also to be clear, in this theme, on pages with Sidenotes, the notes don't go in Tiki's standard right column (which contains modules, etc.). Instead, the center column of the page is divided into two columns - the main content column and the sidenotes column (so the page center column is split into something like 62%/38% widths). Modules (and side columns containing them) aren't involved.

Then, each use of a sidenote should look something like this:

This is content in the main column of the page, and there is a footnote (sidenote) number at the end of this sentence.{FOOTNOTE(class="note1")}This is the footnote.{FOOTNOTE} {footnotearea}

So there is the FOOTNOTE plugin opening syntax, which includes the class parameter, then the content of the footnote, then the plugin closing syntax, and then {footnotearea}, in sequence in the page.

Each footnote class should be unique, as they are the footnote numbers.

Can you check about these details, and if there is still a problem, message again and I'll help find the problem.

-- Gary

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