Removing or resizing the left calendar column (Weeks Column) [Solved]

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I have Tiki 15.X installed and created a calendar.

I am now trying to figure out where to remove the first column (Week number of the year)
It is huge so even if I make the width alot smaller.

I didn't see a setting to remove it. If I go digging through code and remove the source then the next upgrade it will just be back again.

Any ideas?


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On 15.4 I did more investigation and noticed the file
has a colon after the CSS value on line 5 instead of a semi-colon

As published:

<td style="width: 1%:" class="heading weeks"></td>

Correction fixes the wide first column

<td style="width: 1%;" class="heading weeks"></td>

Hope that helps someone.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for spotting that. I submitted a fix, which will be in the next release of Tiki 15. I'm checking the other Tiki versions now. Did fixing that in your copy allow you to remove the first column (I'm guessing by means of a CSS rule to override the inline style)?

-- Gary

United States

Hi Gary,

No thanks YOU for and everyone else for all the hard work that went into this project. It's working for me now. Didn't try it earlier but just had a moment and ran a test and was able to also do what I needed in my particular them file:

CSS override location

and added it after the body to make sure it loaded around line 37

Added code to css
.weeks {

Thanks again!

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