LDAP / Active directory

Error by Searching for user Information


Hello ,

I get an HTTP 500 error when I try to login with an account from the AD. The local administrator login works.

Tiki comes up to line 290 {$ entry = $ searchresult-> shiftEntry ();} in \ lib\ auth\ ldap.php . The error is output from this line.


Write LDAP Debuginformation in Tiki Logscheck
Use SSL (ldaps)uncheck
Benutze TLSuncheck
LDAP-Bind-TypActive Directory (username@domäne)
Search scopeSubtree
LDAP version3
Base DNdc=xxx,dc=xxx
User DNou=Benutzer
User attributesAMAccountName
User OCuser
Realname AttributsdisplayName
Country attribute-empty-
E-Mail attributeuserPrincipalName


Connect Host: ldap:// Binddn: sp at xxx.xxx at line 225 in /var/www/html/lib/auth/ldap.php
Searching for user information with filter: (sAMAccountName=sp) at line 278 in /var/www/html/lib/auth/ldap.php

If you need some more Information, please write a comment!



United States

If there is a firewall between the login device and the server make sure there is a forward rule for ldap traffic.
Try adding ldap:// as a prefix to your server address
Edit the .../vendor_extra/pear/PEAR.php file as instructed by albertgi in the comments of this post https://dev.tiki.org/item6283.


Hello David,

I've done what you said, but it still does not work....

The problem is solved. I have now installed the new Tiki version. (v17) Thanks but to everyone for helping

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