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The media player command format that i have used with previous versions of tikiwiki doesn't seem
to work with 16.2? I now have a whole lot of broken pages :-)

this is the format i have used.

mediaplayer src="tiki-download_file.php?fileId=828&display=y" type="pdf"

mediaplayer still works with an external link reference but i would rather not have to shift all my pdfs
and change the command on every page.

Anyone any idea what i am doing wrong? :-)

I have also tried the

webdocviewer fileId="828" width="1005" height="1005"

command to no avail

Note { brackets left out deliberately


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Actually it seems to work correctly in a copy of 17.0svn that i also have running so maybe thats the answer :-)
Maybe just wait till v17 is out supposedly in July?

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Robuste, 17 is out now, but officially the 30th of July, check in at tiki.org after the 30th and you should see the download for 17.
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Thanks John will keep and eye out for that :-)


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After much trial and error it seems that this is a browser problem.
Mediaplayer will not automatically display pdf files from the gallery in Firefox .
They show as a link which will open if you click on it.

Firefox Release

June 29, 2017

It works perfectly with Edge, Opera and Chrome and Internet Explorer.

I'm surprised that other people have not found this. Perhaps its a setting in my firefox options?


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Glad you found it and thanks for the heads up on the work around. The more you discuss this I feel like I have seen this before on my tiki, but I just chalked it up to a minor bug for my use and just ignored it, but in your case where many pages rely on it, this could be a major pain in the rear.
Aren't there pdf add on settings for firefox?
Thanks RR

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Hi there John
Thanks for your reply.
For the moment I have posted a warning in my sites advising users to use a different browser.

The main site affected is a private members only site so its not such a hassle as it would be otherwise.

There are add on pdf views but that might solve the problem for me but general site users probably don't want to be bothered with that :-)


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General site users are a priority, I too am very sensitive to the perception and use of our tiki by potential contributors. I have found that if a user runs into an error or complicated process, often they walk and not come back, and why should they right! We need to have this right!
Thanks Robuste

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