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How to enable Browser Spell Check in Wysiwyg

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Hello Community,

with me the activation of the Browser Spell Check for Wysiwyg does not work. It does not seem to work with the usual ckeditor methods.

How can I do it best or where in the control panels do I have to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe you can't (unsure). What I would suggest if that whenever you are in spellcheck brainset, you click at the "show source" button of the wysiwyg editor and then, the spellcheck of the browser should work as usual.

Did it do the trick for you?

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yes, that is so well known to me and I make blogging with Tiki only in the source editor. That's all right. I just wanted to know how it is with the Wysiwyg Editor + Browser SpellCheck. Since it is based on the Ckeditor, I thought to myself, one can adjust it.

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