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"Control Panels" page is blank after upgrade

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I just upgraded a Tiki wiki from version 3.0 to 15.5 (!!!). Amazingly, to me anyway, it seemed to go incredibly smoothly.

That is, until I wanted to set some of the Admin settings.

I do see, in Menu > Settings, a list of pages, almost all of which I CAN access. BUT, when I click on "Control Panels," which is equivalent to:


all I get is a completely blank page.

Any idea what could be causing this and what the fix might be?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jim,
try to check the server logs for errors or enable PHP error reporting on tiki-admin.php?page=general


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Thanks, luciash d' being!

I had some other issues I wanted to address as well (e.g., the mbstring PHP extension was not enabled on that server). As part of that, I actually changed hosting companies and therefore servers.

I then did the migration/upgrade from scratch again, this time with mbstring enabled, and everything worked fine. I don't know if my original problem was mbstring, or something else, but in case my problem is now solved (on another server).

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