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Newsletter Sent, Attachment Dropped

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Hi all,

We're trying to attach basic files to Newsletters. The email body is delivered successfully, but the attachment seems to have been dropped at some point. Going through network logs, the attachment never reached the SMTP server.

Compose a newsletter, attach a simple .txt file, clicked Send Newsletter
Next page shows review of newsletter to be sent, includes "Files" with bullet point "blank.txt (text/plain, 4 bytes)" , clicked Send
Next page shows "Newsletter successfully sent to 1 users." and the newsletter is received, but no attachment

Server details
TikiWiki 15.5
Server 20012 R2
PHP 5.6.16

Mail Configuration
Mail Sender: SMTP
Authentication: None
Port: 25
Security: None

I suspect it's on the TikiWiki end that is dropping the attachment. Could it be something misconfigured on our php? Or, what module does the email attachment? Any guidance or insight is appreciated.
Uploading attachment to wiki pages, the rest of the site work just fine. Is the newsletter or email module using a different way to upload files?


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I tried the same scenario with release 18.1. Attachment is listed in preview but is not sent to the recipient

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Thank you. Checking the issue.
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Indeed. Issue confirmed. Must be a regression in the code, perhaps when we changed libs to Zend Mail.

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thanks to luci for answering to an item pending several months. Are there plans to include a fix in the next release or can someone help to elaborate a workaround? One of my tiki sites serve as groupware and among the most important wishes are newsletter and better calendar support

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